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Azienda Agricola, Capra Contenta, Cresmino, CH-6654 Cavigliano

How you can contact us...

Christiane Kostka and Аdriаnо Bеrgugliа.

Capra Contenta
Azienda Agricola
CH-6654 Cavigliano

PLease note, that during the summer-season it can take some time till you receive our response. This is simply because we are then at the summer-alp and don't have internet. In urgent cases call us:
0041 / 79 / 324 56 15                         e-Mail

Katharina & Ulrich Kostka
D-73230 Kirchheim unter Teck

Information about external links
Please note, that we have some external links on the holiday-house homepage and the homepage with the links of the sourrounding area. These links were checked by us before we set it and at this time they did not contain any illegal contents or contents that might be against any law of the european union. However even though we check the links sporadically some times every year, we cannot guarantee, that the owner of one of these pages changes it's content in a undesired way. We therefor inform you, that the content of the external links may have contents which are not our personal idea or intent or the position of us, Capra Contenta. If you find an link with such a content on this homepage before we do, please inform us and we will remove it as quick as possible.

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